mardi 10 mai 2011

Nappes Cycliques.

Steve Reich, Music for 18 Musicians, ECM, 1978.

One of the basic means of change or development in many sections of this piece is to be found in the rhythmic relationship of harmony to melody. Specifically, a melodic pattern may be repeated over and over again, but by introducing a two- or four-chord cadence underneath it, first beginning on one beat of the pattern, and then beginning on a different beat, a sense of changing accent in the melody will be heard. This play of changing harmonic rhythm against constant melodic pattern is one of the basic techniques of this piece, and one I have never used before. Its effect, by change of accent, is to vary that which is in fact unchanging.  

Steve Reich, Backround Notes for Carnegie Hall concerning Music for 18 Musicians, s.d. 

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