mercredi 31 août 2011

Persian Calligraphy.

Non attributed, Dirvan-i Jami (Collected Poetry of Jami),  ca. 1700.

According to an ancient Persian saying about the value of the written word, "A pen and a drop of ink/Makes the whole world think." Since around 700 B.C., Persian calligraphers have demonstrated this saying by creating exquisite works, such as this illuminated, hand-done page from a longer poem by Nuruddin Abdur Rahman Jami (1414-1492), the last great poet of classical Persian literature. Although in the West, calligraphy is considered penmanship, in Islamic countries it is an art. Artists from Persia (now Iran) are considered the best practitioners and are in demand to create Korans, illustrate classic works, and design tiles for mosques.

Library of Congress, Persian Calligraphy Page in World Treasures of the Library of Congress - Recording the Experience, 2010.

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